Summer Program Highlights (Jul - Aug 2020)

Our summer sessions were filled with exciting activities, hands-on experiments, cooking and food-themed games such as Scavenger Hunt, Food Bingo and Foodman (like Hangman).  Small-group online sessions enabled meaningful interactions and conversations! Although virtual, the sessions were lively and children were engaged and excited! 

Topics included: Carbohydrates (Sugar, Starch, Fiber)

                             Fat (The Good, The Bad and The In-between),


                             Acidic and Basic Foods

                             Fungus Amongst Us (Mushrooms & Yeast)


Yeast Experiment
Sugar structures (creative 3D effect here)
Healthy drink challenge
Gluten experiment
Sugars, simple and complex structures
Yeast Action (with and without sugar)
Making butter from cream
Osmosis, salt water and plain water
Iodine test for Starch
Saturated Fat - butter
Healthy drink_mango lassi
Fluffy pancakes (Acidic and basic foods)
Types of Carbohydrates - Starch
Healthy drink challenge
Osmosis in Action
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