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“Kids had a range of different takeaways.  they learned that veggies are good for their eyes, and that there are different nutrients in different foods. One kid said he might DECIDE to TRY CARROTS for the first time; I count that as a win"

Jessica Haggett Silverman / Director of STEM and Corporate Programs/ Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass and Metrowest

"As always, I am thrilled to see the experiments, conversations, and ‘aha’ moments that happen so often with children and adults during your interactions. I truly admire your commitment to public outreach!"

Denise LeBlanc, 30 years as Director of Learning Experiences

Discovery Museum, Acton MA

The nutritional focus was great for third graders! The program is very hands-on for kinesthetic learners. The slides helped keep the kids focused and were helpful for visual learners. The materials were organized and well-prepared. :)

3rd grade teacher, Andover, MA

Rohini was fantastic! She's incredibly engaging and patient with kids. Her activities were well planned out and my kids looked forward to every class!  I highly recommend FANSE!

Shehla, Mom, Andover MA

FANSE Kids did a fantastic job in delivering nutrition driven information to the kids through fun activities. The sessions were informative, interactive, hand-on and playful. The materials needed for the sessions are easily available; if not already in the pantry. The program was perfect for my 11 year old to attend independently; the younger kids may need some assistance. This would be a huge value add for elementary schools to adopt given the processed food accessibility world we are raising the kids in.

Pooja, Mom, Bedford, NH

Quotes from our FANSE students

"It was fun to see what foods have starch in them and what foods did not like crackers and bread turned blue but cheese and strawberry did not"

"You taught me so much about carbohydrates"

"I love FANSE Kids because it teaches me about what I eat"

"FANSE Kids is a lot of fun"

"FANSE Kids is empowering me because of how much you can learn about food that you didn't know before"

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